The school will make every effort to keep in touch with parents concerning their child's education and conduct. Please let us know of anything that you feel might be of importance to us, preferably in writing/email. You may send your concern through and rest assured that we will respond immediately to your concern as this email address is being monitored and read by our Senior Management Team.

JKS follows the ‘Open Door Policy’ of communication by using a variety of methods such as:

Student Diary (Preprimary - G5) / Student Planner (G6-G12)

A notebook system is provided by the school.  The ‘Student Diary/Student Planner’ is sent home on a daily basis with the students. Teachers write notes and comments to inform the parents of any concerns. Parents in return may write notes and comments to their child’s teacher if necessary. The ‘Student Diary/Student Planner’ serves as communication between the parents and the school administration.

The JKS Administrative Letters (Email) and SMS

To further strengthen communication between home and school, JKS has applied the use of technology in communicating with parents.  Important letters are sent via email and, in certain instances, SMS (i.e. text message) to parents.  The use of technology in this matter also supports the school's campaign for a paper-less environment.

JKS Student Portal

JKS Portal is a confidential and secure website which, amongst many other functions, allow JKS parents and students to log-in and track aspects such as progress reports, attendance, discipline, most comprehensive language and math practices (IXL), Raz Kids and asafeer reading programs, Managebac - a leading software service for IB schools and Turnitin - the leading academic plagiarism detector.  The portal will be a valuable source of information to keep the school community abreast of all latest events and announcements.  Students will be able to access not only their emails via the portal but also a wealth of information and resources posted by their teachers.

The JKS Newsletter

A Newsletter is organized by the school administration.  It includes educational articles from Administrative Staff, information about the school, students' achievements and school events. The Newsletter can be accessed through the JKS Portal.

The JKS Website

The website of the school contains important information for parents regarding general information, educational programs, facilities, and student support system. Parents should check the website on a regular basis for important announcements and examination and revision information for parents and students.

Introductory Parents' Meeting

A introductory parents' meeting is held in the first month of the new school year.  This meeting informs parents about the curriculum, programs, and activities planned for the year. It is also the chance for parents to meet their child's homeroom teacher, form tutors, and subject teachers.

Student-Led Conference

Beginning in Grade 3, a three way conference between the student, parent, and teacher is held once a year in addition to a written report.  The student-led conference is an opportunity for the student to showcase what he/she has accomplished during the year and to discuss his/her individual goals for the remainder of the year.  A "Self Assessment and Goal Setting" document leads the conference.

Selective Individual Parent-Teacher Conference

An individual parent-teacher conference is held whenever the need arises to discuss matters concerning an individual student's behavior, assessment results, or other necessary matters.  These may be scheduled at the request of the teacher or the parent anytime throughout the year.

Individual Parent Meeting

A one-on-one meeting with a parent and subject teachers is held once a year. Parents have a chance to meet and talk with homeroom and subject teachers and to be informed about the development of their child in school.

Quarterly and End of Term Report

A report of each student's academic performance is sent home at the end of each quarter.  The report is written proof of the student's progress in school.