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About JKS Alumni

Greeting JKS Alumni!

For many of you, your high school years in JKS provided a solid foundation in which to build the rest of your lives. To be sure, much of that foundation consisted of things you learnt, but an equally important part of that foundation was the experience of companionship and friendship you enjoyed with your peers.

While your high school years are over, that sense of belonging still continues, you have remained friends. This Alumni section of our website looks to foster those friendships and to further your connection to JKS, the place where the school spirit of the community helped you make you the person you are today.

All JKS alumni are invited to reconnect with classmates, friends, and teachers to share memories and learn about the JKS community today. Very soon, JKS alumni will participate in alumni events, reunions, networking events and contribute time, talent and wisdom in support of JKS.

You are part of a vibrant community, making a difference in your own special way. We encourage you to stay in touch and know that “Once a JKS graduate, always part of the JKS family”.

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