Emergency Procedures

Regular checks are made to ensure the health and safety environment within the school.  Fire exit plans are posted in all the classrooms, offices, and hallways and "safety drills" are conducted at least twice a term, for students, teachers and staff.

Safety and Security
Exit plans are posted in all the school corridors, classrooms an offices.  Evacuation drills are practiced quarterly.  Staff members are trained for emergency situations that include fire and other man made threats, natural disasters, etc.  Lock down procedures are also practiced as part of the Safety and Security policy.

Emergency Dismissal Procedures
In the event of an emergency at school, the campus crisis management plan will be implemented. The main entrance is the only designated parent/guardian pick up point for Primary students.

The supervisors and duty staff will coordinate students in leaving. To maintain a calm, safe environment for the students and to account for every student in the building, students will be released according to the normal system.

School Closure / Cancellation due to Bad Weather
School cancellations necessitated by bad weather will be announced on the school website and through SMS as soon as possible. In the event of inclement weather, kindly check the school website for details on school procedures.