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Head of Boys’ Section

We will continue to strive to provide a rigorous academic curriculum, in a conducive and technologically advanced environment that aims to develop students who recognise the value that education brings to them personally as they grow as productive individuals in their community. Beyond catering for their academic needs, students will be encouraged to take part in a variety of clubs, service as action opportunities, sports, international sports tours and the arts that will be on offer. Through a broad range of experiences, students will grow in confidence, become self-motivated and disciplined, while developing empathy that will allow them to become inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young men.

As always, challenges are a part of a students’ learning, and with the support of the staff, we look forward to collaborating with parents and guiding our gentlemen through a successful year. We encourage our students to be contributing members of the school community by modelling disciplined behaviour and aiming for academic excellence.

Together we can ensure that our students are recognised for their strong moral worth, their commitment to their culture and community and, their desire to make a positive difference in the world.

Atiq Uddin/Gregory Lewis
Head of Boys’ Section