Pre-primary school Events at Jeddah Knowledge School


Various assemblies are held regularly or from time to time, to present awards, highlight student performances, or share information of general interest.

Assemblies (Primary, Middle and Upper Schools): Assemblies foster a sense of community and school pride. It highlights academic and co-curricular achievement and Learner Profile development, promotes community service, celebrate the arts, and providean avenue for student to expand and meet curriculum objectives.

The focus is to communicate whole school information, and shared learning of both English and Arabic, providing students with an audience for presentations. Assemblies are opportunities for students to display their social and communication skills.

House Assemblies: As a way of encouraging group identity, assemblies gather once a quarter, to foster opportunities for pastoral care of students, motivating academic achievement, encouraging participation in sporting and cultural extra-curricular activities, promoting leadership development and providing opportunities for service to the class, school and the broader community. The agenda allows for the High School students and teachers to participate in activities related to the allocated house – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, that are unusual and motivational. Students wear their school house t-shirts for the day to encourage group identity adding to the social nature of the school.

Special Assemblies: These assemblies will be held from time to time to welcome guest speakers, to present awards, highlight student performances, or share information of general interest. An “Awards Assembly” takes place once each quarter to honor academic achievement, community service and school leadership. Additional awards may also be presented.

Graduation Assemblies: End-of-year graduation assemblies take place in conjunction with Grade 5 and KG3 level productions during the last weeks of the school year to honor completion of the Program of Study.

Productions: Each Grade Level Group is given the opportunity during the course of the year to present to parents the skills and concepts that they have learned from the Performing Arts Learning Program.  These productions are collaborative process between students, Arabic and English class teachers, music and drama specialists, and the visual arts teachers.

The productions of KG3 and Grade 5 year groups are scheduled to coincide with the Graduation at the end of the academic year.