Head of School


“Learning is a treasure which accompanies its owner everywhere.” – Encarta

Welcome to Jeddah Knowledge International School!

I am immensely proud to be part of the prestigious JKS community; a community whose vision is to develop holistic and internationally minded children into lifelong learners; to inculcate in them the love to learn; to develop their personalities individually; to teach them to explore new knowledge in the wider world;  value and respect all cultures whilst remaining rooted to their very own cultural identity.

At JKS only the best is good enough! Quality is expected, and nothing less is acceptable. Passion for excellence is a driving force each and every day. As a rigorous school we set high expectations! We have a highly involved dedicated and committed staff working collaboratively, pushing themselves and their students to be nothing but the best. And success becomes a natural reward.

Our school is where young minds take the center stage and become the nucleus of learning because at JKS we strongly believe in teaching from the heart. We are passionate about enlightening our protégés and making them inquirers through their innate curiosity to learn. As an integral part of the JKS community, we work collaboratively to develop our students to become global citizens through academic excellence and the cultural diversity to make learning more meaningful and relevant to everyday life. Our classrooms come alive with vibrant and colorful educational dialogue making learning an inspirational experience to want to pursue more. Further, this learning is enriched through widely shared real life experiences that instills in our students compassion and empathy so they develop into caring individuals and serve the wider society.

At JKS no two students are identical; differentiated instruction plays a pivotal role in ensuring effective learning and student success. Pupil centered learning allows students to inquire and seek knowledge allowing the teacher to become the facilitator of the educational process.

Our core values are based on caring and mutually respectful relationships that promote independence yet at the same time allows students to grow and develop in their own right.

As 21st century educationists, our driving force is to develop today’s learners to become visionary motivators, caring global citizens, critical thinkers and excellent communicators for tomorrow’s world.

Finally I invite you to visit us and learn first handed about our own little community!

Yasmin Suliman
Head of School