Important Information


Dear Parents

Assalamu Aleikum,

Welcome to the new academic year. We would like to draw your attention to the following important aspects:


  • New School Website:  As our unwavering commitment to enhance our children’s education through advancing technology, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new school website which is designed and developed to provide current, up-to-date firsthand information. The improved website includes among other new facilities, a virtual tour which presents an actual pictorial environment of your child’s school. For more information visit the school website on www and navigate the site through the easily accessible links.
  • Sensor System Toilet Facilities: At JKS hygiene is our utmost priority and with this in mind we have changed all our toilets with eco-friendly, hands-free operated sensor toilets with automatic cistern flush, hand driers and state of the art disposable seat covers, designed to reduce the spread of germs and maintain the highest hygienic standards. Please see our new toilets through this link
  1. With a simple wave of the hand in front of the green wall-mounted sensor, a fresh, clean, untouched hygienic surface sanitary is presented for each use.
  2. The toilet sensor will automatically flush the toilets as soon as the person leaves.
  3. The taps and hand driers are all automatically hands free operated decreasing the spread of any bacteria.
  4. Please encourage and advise your children to use the facilities appropriately to maintain the highest hygiene.
  • School Supply Lists for Students:  Please ensure that your child is well equipped for the new academic year with the required stationery and supplies. The supply list is available for your convenience on the website under General Information – School Supply. Each supply must be labeled with your child’s full name and grade before it is handed to the class teacher on the first day of school.  Further, the school has for your convenience arranged with Jarir Bookstore (in Sary Street), to prepare pre-packed stationery and supplies per grade level. Please note that the school does not benefit from this arrangement. You may choose to buy your school supplies at any other bookstore.
  • Summer Reinforcement:  To keep students connected to their studies JKS provided students on the school student portal with: IXL Math Reinforcement, English Summer Reading Titles and Reinforcement packs to study over the summer break. Please ensure that your child has sufficiently covered the required material in preparation for the beginning of the new academic year.

We look forward to a productive new academic year.


JKS Administration